Thursday, May 17, 2012

Follow Me Friday (5)

Q: Summer Break is upon us! What would be the perfect vacation spot for you to catch up on your reading & relax?

My Answer: I can think of two places that I would love to be right now in order to relax and catch up on a ton of reading….

1. The City of Love: Paris

Paris is filled with so much culture and romance. I could easily pull up a chair near the Eiffel Tower and read all day, while enjoying a nice glass of wine of course!

2. Sailing anywhere tropical: A Cruise

Who couldn’t enjoy a nice cocktail while soaking up the sun on a nice boat ride to a beautiful tropical destination such as Jamaica or The Virgin Islands? I would love to be there right now!


  1. I LOVE Paris, sigh. I wish I could love there. It sounds/looks gorgeous. ^.^

  2. Paris is nice. I lived in Europe for a few years and we'd take trips, but I feel like I'd never get any reading done, since there's so much to see/do.

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    Have a great Friday!

    Renae @ Respiring Thoughts

  3. Happy Friday! :D

    Great answer! That definitely sounds like a great place to read a good book and relax. I like your pictures :)

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  4. That's pretty much my answer too! Paris is my favorite place on earth, and I'd love to hang out there with my favorite books.

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  5. I think both places would be great, but I'm not sure I wouldn't be wayyy too distracted to actually read. :O

    Patricia // My Hop

  6. I'd love to go to Paris one day, but I don't think that I'd get much reading done, either, lol.

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  7. I want to go to Paris, but i don't think I'd get much reading done there! Old follower! My Follow

  8. Hopping through. If I was going to read all day in Paris, I think I'd pick a bench in the Luxembourg Gardens. So beautiful.
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  9. A cruise sounds like a good idea! (: It'd be hard to get reading done in Paris but I'd love to go there too! <3

    - Kim
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  10. Agree to both- I would love to go on cruise someday. It would be relaxing and fun I think.

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  11. Ha! Just came from another blog who said Paris! And a beach, and that's close to a cruise. Depending on where the cruise goes! A cruise might be fun, I would really like to go on the Disney one since I'm a huge Disney fan and when I saw that ship on TV it looked awesome! It had a killer water slide too!

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    Have a GREAT weekend!

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  12. I think Paris is great idea!

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  13. Hiya's Chelsey! Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    I would definitely choose Paris. I get seasick and wouldn't last 1 day on a cruise :)


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  14. Thanks for stopping by, hon - delighted to return the follow! I like your idea of a cruise . . . I've never been, but there's just something so attractive about the idea of floating in the middle of the ocean, laying beneath the sun, and enjoying a good book.


  15. Paris, not my cup of tea. I just don't really like that city, haha, but I feel like the only one :p But the whole cruise idea is more my thing! I also choose that as one of my picks.

  16. Cruises are great , I've been on a few.

  17. Thanks for stopping by!
    Great answer! I'd love to visit Paris!
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  18. I wouldn't mind going on a cruise, but Paris has never held allure for me. Thanks for visiting! Following back!

  19. Both sound like great fun! Thanks for stopping by my FF!

  20. I remember being in Paris for the first time and couldn't wait to see the Eiffel Tower. When we got there, the area had been infiltrated by Scottish soccer hooligans who were cheering their team and smashing beer bottles to the ground. Hardly a peaceful place to cozy up with a book. I'd maybe choose a quiet cafe in Montmartre.

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