Thursday, June 28, 2012

Book Review: Diva

Author: Jillian Larkin
Publisher: Delacorte Books for Young Readers
Publication Date: July 10, 2012
Series: Flappers #3

Parties, bad boys, speakeasies—life in Manhattan has become a woozy blur for Clara Knowles. If Marcus Eastman truly loved her, how could he have fallen for another girl so quickly? Their romance mustn't have been as magical as Clara thought. And if she has to be unhappy, she's going to drag everyone else down to the depths of despair right along with her.

Being a Barnard girl is the stuff of Lorraine Dyer's dreams. Finding out that Marcus is marrying a gold digger who may or may not be named Anastasia? A nightmare. The old Lorraine would have sat by and let the chips fall where they may, but she's grown up a lot these past few months. She can't bear to see Marcus lose a chance for true love. But will anyone listen to her?

Now that the charges against her have been dropped, Gloria Carmody is spending the last dizzying days of summer on Long Island, yachting on the sound and palling around with socialites at Forrest Hamilton's swanky villa. Beneath her smile, though, Gloria's keeping a secret. One that could have deadly consequences . . .

The Roaring 20’s, oh how I wish I could have been born in that time! I think I would have made a magnificent flapper. This was the first time throughout history that women really started to express themselves within society and if this cover is any indication of how flashy and sheik they really looked, then sign me up! When I think Flappers I think long cigarette holders and multiple strands of pearls, as well as a bobbed hairstyle. These women really introduced style and charisma into their social lives. I am always so intrigued by anything to do with this era and I could listen to the music for hours on end. The cover is so enticing and elegant. I wish I had a time machine and could transport myself straight into this book!

This is the third book in the Flappers series by Jillian Larkin, and let me start off by saying that this is a series well worth submerging yourself in. As stated above, the books are set in the middle of the 1920’s and follow the lives of three extraordinary Flappers who always seem to find trouble and chaos wherever they go. If you follow my blog at all you know that I love stories that follow more than one lead character. Gloria, Lorraine, and Clara’s stories eventually intertwine and only makes for a more interesting story!

Jillian’s writing is the ultimate and her love and interest in the 1920’s really comes through within the pages. The audacity of these three women is equivalent to the styles and attitudes carried by women in the Roaring 20’s. Each woman is outspoken and genuine is her own way. Each chapter is titled with the name of the woman being described and this makes the book so much easier to keep up with! Their stories eventually fuse together and a mystery unfolds that sends the girls on a wild goose chase.

My favorite character was Gloria Carmody, who had just recently gotten out of jail for killing a man who was trying to in turn kill her fiancĂ©. This girl has guts! I loved her and all the gumption that she brought to the pages. Her fiancĂ© was actually an African American man who made his money playing in jazz clubs and trying not to get mauled by angry white mobs. She toured with him as a phenomenal jazz singer. She took a lot of negativity from other people about the man that she chose to associate with, especially during a time such as the 20’s, but she never slowed down and neither did her love for Jerome.

This was actually the first book that I have read in awhile that focused on this era and the realism of it made me want to read more and more. From the jazz music and flutes of champagne to the strands of pearls and the sequined flapper dresses; I was absorbing every word. Larkin provides a well detailed analysis of what life was really like in this decadent time period. The plot along with all the wonderful descriptions only added to the romantic aspects of the book and all the relationships that began to unfold and old loves that were made new. This is definitely an intriguing read that I would suggest for anyone and I hope that Jillian decides to provide us, her readers, with a more inside views on her favorite era!

***A copy of this book was provided to me by Netgalley in return for an honest review***

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  1. I also received this book from Netgalley and I can't wait to read it! This is a great series! I too adore the roaring twenties and I think I could have raised some series hell along side these girls! Great review :)

    p.s. LOVE your new look girl! Very "charming"