Thursday, December 27, 2012

Book Review: For What It's Worth

Author: Karey White
Publication Date: December 11, 2012
Publisher: Cedar Fort

Twenty-four year-old, Abby Benson has dreams of owning her own wedding cake shop. An inheritance from her aunt gives her the ability to make those dreams come true. She hires Dane, a handsome contractor, to help her get the bakery up and running and soon they’re moving toward their own happy ending.

Unsure what to charge for her cakes, Abby has a crazy idea to let the customers decide what they think their cake is worth. This plan has its ups and downs, but the novelty of the idea makes her a local celebrity. When she is interviewed on television about the unusual idea, business booms and Abby has cake adventures she never dreamed possible. But as her fame grows, Abby is swept up in a whirlwind that threatens everything she values. With the challenges that face her, will she be able to determine what is worth the most

“Of course Aunt Grace knew of my dream. I’d been fourteen the first time I told her. She’d been sitting at the kitchen table grading papers while I baked a batch of her favorite cookies – snickerdoodles. They weren’t my favorite cookies to make – they don’t have any chocolate – but when Aunt Grace came to visit, she’d leave disappointed if she couldn’t take home a little bag of ‘heaven rolled in cinnamon and sugar.’” – Paperback Copy pg. 4

“I love romance. Nothing makes me swoon like a good love story. Elizabeth Bennett and Mr. Darcy are old friends, and by the age of fourteen, I’d lived through Scarlett and Rhett’s turbulent romance three times – all 1,307 pages of it, although the third time through I skipped all the boring Ashley and Frank parts and beelined it to the Rhett parts. My favorite movie scene is in Say Anything. My heart turned to mush when Lloyd Dobler stood outside Diane Court’s house, boombox held high above his head in a desperate effort to win her back. I still can’t understand how Diane could possibly turn away and ignore a gesture that romantic? I’d have leaped out the window into his arms.” – Paperback Copy pg. 5

“The bookshelf filled with all that cake experience calmed my fears. At least for a little while. At the bottom of the box was my tattered copy of Gone with the Wind. I put it on the shelf with the wedding cake books and magazines and made a mental note that I need to expand my library beyond cake.” – Paperback Copy pg. 11

“My notebook filled up with more lists – things to do, things to purchase, cake designs. I almost needed a list to keep track of my lists. I opened to the first to-do list and looked it over. It made me feel satisfied to see lines through several of the items.” – Paperback Copy pg. 23

“I’d expected to feel anxious on the day of my first cake, but instead I felt calm and relaxed. The bride had chosen a different flavor for each of the three tiers. I was unhurried and precise as I baked and assembled the cake. After the layers had cooled, I circled the top of each cake with a wide band of buttercream icing. I filled the layers of the lemon cream tier with a Bavarian cream pudding and fresh raspberries and topped it with another layer. A quick crumb coat and the first tier was in the cooler.” – Paperback Copy pg. 58

“That afternoon, my mind was in New York City as my hands cut and painted little fondant squares for a mosaic tile cake.” – Paperback Copy pg. 102


This book deserves every bit of the five pink cupcakes that it has received! I saw the cover of this book and immediately knew that the story behind it would be unmistakably charming; I was right! This story follows Abby Benson, whose Aunt Grace has just passed away and in her will has left Abby with enough money to achieve her biggest dream; own a wedding cake shop. When faced with one of the grandest decisions of her life Abby is hesitant and speechless, but with the persuasion and help of her family she decides to make her dream a reality.

There was honestly not one single aspect of this book that I did not love entirely. From the characters, the setting, the cakes, and the romance, I was pleased with all of it. Abby Benson was a phenomenal character and I loved her from the very first page, mainly because I found it extremely easy to connect with her. She was a very precise and on point kind of person. She had lists, lists, and more lists and this is pretty much how I survive every day. But seeing her in her bakery for the first time was when I really connected with her. She was just so passionate about what she loved to do. When she started preparing and talking about her creations it was like her character just lifted right off the page. It is wonderful to see a character in their favorite environment and it is so easy to love Miss Abby Benson and her beautiful wedding cakes.

What I loved most about this story was how the title tied in with the plot. When Abby first opens her bakery she realizes that she is going to have to set her prices. Only she comes up with a better idea. She decides that she will allow her customers to set their own prices. Yes, you heard me. She will bake a cake, leave an invoice, and then they can pay her however much they believe their cake was worth. Abby knows that she will not always receive the payments that she probably deserves, but it is a risk that she is willing to take. Not only does this title, For What It’s Worth, apply to Abby’s wedding cakes, but it also applies to other areas of her life as she finds love and learns to love in return. The whole entire story was perfectly tied in by the end.

Dane was Abby’s love interest in this book and he first started as her handyman. Their relationship was like the buttercream on Abby’s cakes: soft, creamy, and delectable. I loved how patient and gentle he was with Abby and he completely supported her business endeavors. Their relationship started slow and easy and eventually picked up as the story progressed. It was really great to see their relationship grow alongside of Abby’s new business as well!

A cute little side note: at the start of each new chapter is an awesome recipe from Abby’s collection! I love tiny details like this one.

***Thank you to the publishers and Karey White for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review***


  1. Thank you for the great review! I'm so glad you enjoyed the book.

    Happy New Year!

  2. I love the cover of this book! It's so cute :) I can't wait to read it. Great review!
    -Kimberly @ Turning the Pages

  3. I love the cover and this book sounds really cute ! I think it'd be cool to have a bakery, so I may have to read this one.