Thursday, December 20, 2012

Book Review: Lullaby

Author: Amanda Hocking
Publication Date: November 27, 2012
Publisher: St. Martin’s Griffin
Series: Watersong # 2

Harper only wanted a safe, normal life. But when her younger sister Gemma runs off with a dangerous clique of beautiful girls, Penn, Thea, and Lexi, everything changes. Vowing to get her sister back no matter what the cost, Harper must face dangers unlike any she's ever experienced. Fortunately, she has Daniel by her side, a gorgeous guy who's devoted to helping her find her sister—and who's immune to the girls' dark powers.

While Harper searches for her sister, Gemma struggles to adjust to her new life.  Gemma's powers are growing by the day, and the longer she lives with her new "sisters," the harder it is to resist entering their magical world.  It's a realm both dark and beautiful, and where she's plagued by strange hungers and unspeakable needs.  Just as she's drifting far away from her old life, Harper and Daniel find her...but no one can deny how much she's changed.  All she wants is to return to her family and the mortal world, but how can she do that when she's become something else entirely—and will they still love her once they learn the truth?

Prepare to fall under the spell of Lullaby, the second book in the Watersong series from New York Times bestselling author Amanda Hocking

“Harper woke up when the sun was just beginning to set, and squinted at the dim orange light streaming in through her curtains. For one moment – one brief, glorious moment – she’d forgotten about the night before, the night when her little sister had been attacked before turning into some kind of mermaid and disappearing in the ocean.” – Hardcover Copy pg. 1

“‘This is so insane,’ Alex said quietly, almost to himself, then he looked up at Harper, his dark brown eyes locking seriously on hers. ‘Stupid question time, but I have to ask. Gemma hasn’t, like…always been a mermaid, has she? This isn’t some family curse thing like on Teen Wolf?’” – Hardcover Copy pg. 6

“‘ I don’t know.’ Marcy shrugged. ‘But you guys seem to, and I’ve never known either of you to be totally insane, so I figure there must be some truth to it. Besides that, I always knew something was off with those girls, and they fit the bill as sirens.’” – Hardcover Copy pg. 17

“Harper leaned against the sink and closed her eyes. For a moment all she could do was breathe in deep to keep from freaking out. Her hands were trembling, and she wanted to cry. She had to convince her father that everything was all right, when in reality she had no idea if Gemma was okay or if they’d every see her again.” – Hardcover Copy pg. 20

“Penn had even told her that when Sawyer was under direct orders from a siren, it wasn’t just impossible for him to disobey. If anything tried to stop him, he’d destroy it if he had to. The enchantment made him so fixated on his cause that it could even give him a superhero like strength. The way a mother could tap in to her adrenaline to lift a car off her baby, a person under a siren’s spell would do anything to do a siren’s bidding.” – Hardcover Copy pg. 35

“Her own legs tingled at the memory of the scales, at the way it felt when her legs became a tail slicing through the cool ocean water. Her body craved the experience, but Gemma denied it.” – Hardcover Copy pg. 47

Lullaby is Amanda Hocking’s sequel to Wake and as a sequel, let me just say, that it does not disappoint. At the beginning of the story we are brought into scene with Harper and Alex who are still trying to make sense of what they have just witness, for the sake of spoilers, I will just say that this is the last thing to take place at the end of Wake. Harper and Alex are struggling to make sense of what has taken Gemma and if they will ever see her again. Right from page one Hocking drops readers right into the gates of action, as she so generously does, and allows them to see the rollercoaster that they will be riding on for the remainder of the story.

I cannot express how thrilled I was with this sequel. Usually sequels often disappoint me, but this one left me highly anticipating the third book in this series. The story is told in alternating chapters between Gemma and Harper. I really enjoyed this as well. Gemma doesn’t come in with her point of view until a few chapters in, giving Harper and Alex enough time to allow readers to know what is taking place next. Harper is such an admirable older sister, but equally so I believe that Gemma is just as admirable and has some redeeming characteristics. They both think they are doing what is best for the other one. I love watching sisters come together as Gemma and Harper do.

The idea of Sirens and Mermaids has always intrigued me and I love reading about them. Sirens are always made out to be harlots or sex idols in the eyes of men, and this is rightly son. That is how they operate after all. Gemma doesn’t fit the bill when it comes to being a Siren, however. She is only doing what she thinks is best for Alex and Harper. Thea, Penn, and Lexi become important figures in Gemma’s life, especially if she wants to stay alive, and I must admit that I really dislike their characters for obvious reasons. Thea I can stand a little more than Lexi and Penn because she at least tries to take Gemma under her wing, but the other two are just vicious. It is enchanting to read about them, however, because of what they are and how they survive. It is a nice switch between Harper’s reality and Gemma’s mystical life in the sea.

I will not give away anything about this book but I just wanted to throw this out there: I hate the ending! I was so sad and wanted to last out at the characters that were involved in the ending. I will let you know that it has to do with a certain romance between two people, and a romance that I LOVED and wanted to see last! This book packed action, mythical beings, and a great dose of romance all in one punch. I loved it from start to finish and I hope you will too!

***A big thank you to the publishers at St. Martin’s Griffin for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review***

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  1. Oh my gosh, now I am scared to know about the ending. I loved all the romances that were coming about in the first book and the ending in that one was heartbreaking! I'm so excited for this one and the idea that it's in alternating perspective of Gemma and Harper, I love both of them! Definitely can't wait to read this one. Love the review! You have me intrigued :)