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Book Review: Anatomy of a Single Girl

 Anatomy of a Single GirlAuthor: Daria Snadowsky
Publication Date: January 8, 2013
Publisher: Delacorte Books for Young Readers
Series: Anatomy # 2

With Judy Blume-like honesty and insight, this sequel to Anatomy of a Boyfriend is about life after first love--romance, sex, friendship, family, and the ups and downs of life as a single girl.

After everything that happened—my first boyfriend, my first time, my first breakup—jumping back into the dating game seemed like the least healthy thing I could do. It’s not that I didn’t want to fall in love again, since that’s about the best feeling ever. But as a busy college premed still raw from heartbreak, which is the worst feeling ever, I figured I’d lie low for a while. Of course, as soon as I stopped looking for someone, an impossibly amazing—and devastatingly cute—guy came along, and I learned that having a new boyfriend is the quickest way to recover from losing your old one.

The moment we got together, all my preconceptions about romance and sex were turned upside down. I discovered physical and emotional firsts I never knew existed. I learned to let go of my past by living in the present. It was thrilling. It was hot. It was just what the doctor ordered.

But I couldn’t avoid my future forever.

In Daria Snadowsky’s daring follow-up to Anatomy of a Boyfriend, eighteen-year-old Dominique explores the relationship between love and lust, and the friendships that see us through
“‘Joel should feel honored.’ Amy squeezes the gold heart locket necklace that he bought her fall semester. ‘That I’m willing to endure this torment for him proves our love is real.’” – Hardback Copy pg. 11

“I sigh again, recollecting that winter’s day senior year when Amy took me to her school’s charity football game. Like a dolt, I tripped on my way to a Porta Potti, and he happened to be nearby and helped me up. There were instant sparks, but we were both shy, and it took two agonizing months of friendship before he worked up the guts to confess he wanted more. The moment we got together still ranks as the most magical in my life, though I should’ve taken the Porta Potti as a sign of where things would end up.” – Hardback Copy pg. 22

“I’d been looking forward to the fireworks all day. Now I hardly notice them as I replay in my head Brie gagging on the word “dateless” as if it were code for “pathetic hopeless ugly reject.” Like I haven’t wasted enough time feeling like one.” – Hardback Copy pg. 24

“Whatever age you are when you’re first burned is old enough to lose hope that you’ll ever get excited about anybody else.” – Hardback Copy pg. 41

“When his meaning registers a second later, it feels like a tornado sweeping through my heart. From day one Guy gave us an August expiration date, and here I was, daring to hope he could be my ever after. I cover my face with my hands, ashamed at how deluded I was not to detect earlier that he was too good to be true. How is it that two people can be in the same relationship and still have completely different ideas of what’s going on?” – Hardback Copy pg. 84
This book is, of course, a sequel to the first book in the Anatomy series and is one that I wish I had read before I had my heart broken for the first time or went away to college. Dominique, or “Dom,” has had her heart broken and feels like she will never be able to have those same mushy gushy feelings for anyone else ever again. She is content enjoying her time at college and time with her best friend, Amy, and doesn’t try to force herself on every available guy that she meets in between. Until one night, while volunteering at the local hospital, she meets Guy. Guy changes things for Dom because she soon realizes that this is the first guy, since her breakup, that has sent butterflies fluttering through her stomach. Will they last while so far apart or will it just be a summer fling?

Now that I am entering my last semester of college, I look back and see all the dumb mistakes I made along the way. I see the guy I thought I would never get over, and all the idiots, for lack of a better term, I dated in between. I see my fiancĂ© and all the joy he has brought to me and I feel stupid for ever even pining over a guy the way I did my ex. In other words, I feel like Dom and I was really able to relate to her character. In fact, I am willing to argue that any girl who has ever had your heartbroken can and will relate to the events taking place in this book. Dom was realistic and not whiny like most girls after a breakup. I liked how her character handled relationships as well. She didn’t just throw herself at the next available guy and she stood up for her morals when it came to Guy. She didn’t sleep with him on the first date, and I think that is what we need in books. More girls with the desire to make sure a relationship is going in the right direction before making any serious moves. Dom is the perfect role model in this book, to me at least. I was proud of a lot of the choices she made and I loved moments where she was on her soap box. I.E. when she let Guy knew how she really felt about the place their relationship was headed.

This would be a perfect summer read or saved for a day when you feel like flying through a book in a few hours. The writing is smooth and easy and the content will be relatable, like I said, for most girls and guys even. This is a great example of contemporary fiction and kept me interested and in tune for its entirety. I also loved Dom’s relationship with her best friend, Amy. They were very different but still had a very close relationship. I also loved seeing Dominique transform into a very mature lady. She started to realize what constitutes a real relationship and I loved the fact that she had expectations and respect for herself. You don’t always find that in young women today. I think it is important and like I said before I wish someone would have handed me a copy of this book four years ago. I had one of those moments while reading where I actually said to myself, “So I’m not the only one that felt this way!”

Cute story and great message behind the central plot of the story! I say if it sounds like something you might enjoy then definitely give it a chance!

***A huge thank you to the publishers at Delacorte Press for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for my honest, unbiased review***

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