Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Book Review: The Vincent Boys

Author: Abbi Glines
Publication Date: October 30, 2012
Publisher: Simon Pulse
Series: The Vincent Boys # 1

Get seduced by a sizzling account of attraction and betrayal in this previously self-published phenomenon. There was something wicked about Beau that drew me to him. What was wrong with me? Why did I want to sin so badly?

Ashton is getting tired of being good, of impressing her parents and playing ideal girlfriend to Sawyer Vincent. Sawyer is perfect, a regular Prince Charming, but when he leaves town for the summer, it’s his cousin Beau who catches Ashton’s eye. Beau is the sexiest guy she’s ever seen, and even though he’s dangerous, Ashton is drawn to him.

Beau loves his cousin like a brother, so the last thing he wants to do is make a move on Sawyer’s girl. Ashton is off-limits, absolutely. That’s why he does his best to keep his distance, even though he’s been in love with her forever. When Ashton wants to rekindle their childhood friendship in Sawyer’s absence, Beau knows he should say no.

Ashton and Beau don’t want to hurt Sawyer. But the more they try to stay away from each other, the more intense their urges become. It’s getting way too hard to resist...
“He stepped out of the truck, and I watched him walk toward the door of his trailer with one of the sexiest swaggers know to man, Beau and I had needed to have that talk, even if my imagination was going to go wild for a while, where he was concerned. My secret attraction to the town’s bad boy had to remain a secret.” – Hardback Copy pg. 12 & 13
“This town wasn’t big, and like any small southern town we all knew everyone’s business. Their past was common knowledge. Their parents’ pasts were no secret. We didn’t have secrets in Grove, Alabama. It wasn’t possible – well, except maybe at the field. In the dark shadows of the pecan grove that surrounded the large open field where the Mason boys held their famous parties, I’m sure were many secrets. It was the only place where the little old ladies couldn’t watch us from their front porch swings and where the only eyes around were too busy with their own mischief to notice ours.” – Hardback Copy pg. 17
“‘Well, who is he? He’s made you spit tea all over my lap. I at least want a name and a few details.’” – Hardback Copy pg. 19
“Bad company corrupts good character. Remember that.” – Hardback Copy pg. 115
“Kayla opened the door to the nurse’s office. ‘You really are unique. No wonder you got the Vincent boys fighting over you.’” – Hardback Copy pg. 219
“‘You need to move on, girl. Find someone whose last name ain’t Vincent.’” – Hardback Copy pg. 226
There is nothing I can say to sum up how much I LOVED this book except…go get a copy of it NOW!! Abbi Glines is one of my absolute favorite authors and no one, I mean no one, can write a love triangle like she does. She writes the most intriguing, sexy, sensational characters of any author I have ever read. Her characters make me want to come out of my chair. I just feel like they are so personal and real and experience emotions and feelings that we as human beings experience every single day. This is the first book in The Vincent Boys series and it follows Ashton, Sawyer, and Beau. Sawyer and Beau Vincent are cousins and absolute best friends who have many, many things in common. One of those being that they are both in love with Ashton Gray!
Let’s start with Beau Vincent. Okay, so he is about the sexiest character I have ever read. I was beginning to swoon whenever his name was mentioned. He had this rebel/bad boy persona going for him and he really knew how to work it. He was set up to be the perfect bad boy also. Abbi describes him as a reckless heartbreaker who will only crush a girl’s hopes and dreams in given the chance. And that is all probably true, except when it comes to Ashton Gray. What I loved most was that Beau was a total heartthrob and could have any girl he wanted, but completely denied the rest for a chance with Ash. Beau was rough around the edges and was written very well.
Ashton Gray was your typical preacher’s daughter; walking a straight and narrow line and never letting anyone see how much she really desired to let her hair down. Ash and Sawyer were together for over three years and she strived every day to be the perfect girl for Sawyer, but she couldn’t hide the wild child inside of her. I loved reading about Ashton when she was with Beau and I hated her character whenever she was around Sawyer because she completely changed. Ashton’s character took a huge transformation, and not just when it came to Beau, but with her parents, friends, and even the way the she acted around Sawyer. I don’t want to spoil a lot in this department for readers!

Like I mentioned before, Abbi Glines has a way with love triangle and I have never been more on the edge of my seat than while reading this book. She has the ability to make you want to relive high school and feel those butterflies in the pit of your stomach for the first time when you see your crush walking in. I was literally dying to get to the end of this book and if I had the time I would pick it up again right now and start reading it all over! I am telling you all that you will love getting lost in Ash, Sawyer, and Beau’s world. It is a fast, turbulent roller coaster ride and you will want to wear a seatbelt!
***I cannot say thank you enough to the awesome publicists at Simon Pulse for providing me with this series in exchange for my honest review***


  1. Ohhh this sounds really good!!! I'm not quite sure on the cover though:/

    Awesome review btw! :D

  2. Ugh I still need to read this!

  3. I have heard so much about this book over the past few months and still haven't picked up a copy. I really need to get moving on that, it sounds so sexy and steamy. Awesome review, Chelsey! I definitely need to read this soon.