Thursday, March 21, 2013

ARC Book Review: Going Vintage

Going VintageAuthor: Lindsey Leavitt
Publication Date: March 26, 2013
Publisher: Bloomsbury Children’s

When Mallory’s boyfriend, Jeremy, cheats on her with an online girlfriend, Mallory decides the best way to de-Jeremy her life is to de-modernize things too. Inspired by a list of goals her grandmother made in1962, Mallory swears off technology and returns to a simpler time (when boyfriends couldn’t cheat with computer avatars).

The List:
1. Run for pep club secretary
2. Host a fancy dinner party/soiree
3. Sew a dress for Homecoming
4. Find a steady
5. Do something dangerous

But simple proves to be crazy-complicated, and the details of the past begin to change Mallory’s present. Add in a too-busy grandmother, a sassy sister, and the cute pep-club president–who just happens to be her ex’s cousin–and soon Mallory begins to wonder if going vintage is going too far.

Lists add a number to randomness, give ideas the illusion of order.

You can’t trust a guy showing more cleavage than you.

The only thing worse than personal anguish is when that personal anguish is grotesquely twisted and broadcast in an untrue light.

I tell her. All of it – the making out, the James Taylor, the karate outfit – everything right down to the salsa brand. She’s silent except for a few thoughtful mmms. My voice is monotone the whole time. If I can keep the emotion out of my voice, maybe I can keep it out of my heart. When I’m done with my tear-free report, she lets out a breath and whispers, ‘What a bastard.’

Communicative technology is really just listing, spread out through texts and updates to an assortment of friends, a daily reminder to the virtual universe that I exist.

I have always said that I was meant for a different time, so when I found out about this book and about Mallory I knew that this was a book fit for me. Mallory is a girl that does not fit modern times; she beats to her own drum. Mallory finds out that her longtime boyfriend, Jeremy, has been cheating on her, and to make matters worse she finds out that he has been cheating with an online girlfriend. She comes to the major decision that she needs a life change. She finds an old list of her grandmother’s, when going through some of her old belongings, and is inspired by how simple her life seemed before technology, social networks, and other fetishes of modern times. Mallory takes this idea of simplicity and life before the 21st century, and decides to give it all a try.

One of my favorite aspects of reading Mallory’s story was definitely her relationship with her baby sister, Ginnie. She was funny, smart, and vivacious. Their relationship as sisters was truly inspiring, and for someone like me who has no siblings, it made me desperately want what they had. They shared everything and I absolutely loved the fact that when Mallory had an issue, Ginnie was the first one she turned to. Ginnie was an excellent addition to the story and a wonderful supporting character.

Mallory’s character was of course sensational. I liked the fact that she was not your average girl of the 21st century, even before her breakup with Jeremy. I loved the “going vintage” part of the novel, but I wanted to like it the best. Instead I found myself wanting more in this area. I also loved the fact that Mallory was crazy obsessed with making lists because so I am. This small detail added so much depth to her character.

This story was light-hearted and very delightful. I am looking forward to more from Lindsey Leavitt and to recommending this wonderful story to all my close friends!

***Thank you to the publishers at Bloomsbury Children’s for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review***


  1. This sounds like such a fun, cute read. I love the idea of Mallory ditching technology. I did that once for 40hr Famine- swore off technology, mainly internet, ipod, etc, for a week. It was strangely liberating and I found myself with a lot of free time to do things I thought I had no time for.

  2. You have a good eye on books Chelsea! Nice review!

  3. Glad to see you liked this book. I have been waiting to read this book for a long time. From what I have seen it will not disappoint.

  4. Am *dying* to read this one! It sounds and looks like such a "cute" read. :) Thanks for the great review, Chelsey. :)