Thursday, October 31, 2013

Litfuse Blog Tour Book Review: Glittering Promises

Glittering Promises (Grand Tour Series, #3)Author: Lisa T. Bergren
Publication Date: October 1, 2013
Publisher: David C. Cook
Series: Grand Tour Series # 3

Lisa T. Bergren’s popular Grand Tour series concludes as Cora Kensington journeys farther into Italy, wrestles with a terrible ultimatum from her father, and comes to terms with the Father who will never fail her.

America’s newest heiress must decide if her potential fortune is rationale enough to give up her freedom and all that God is leading her toward. And when her newly-discovered siblings are threatened with ruin, her quandary deepens. Then as Cora nears Rome, more journalists are track the news story of the decade—“Copper Cora,” the rags-to-riches girl—and want to know more about her family and the men vying for her attention. Meanwhile, a charming Italian countess decides that if Cora isn’t going to claim Will’s heart, she might just try...

I took deep breaths of the air, redolent with the scents of lavender and rosemary, the hot smell of summer in Italy.

“If you spot him again, shoot him on sight,” my father said. “I shall deal with the repercussions myself.”

“Let’s just say no strings that are obvious. You and I both know that there are always strings. Always.”

I could not have asked for a better end to this amazing series. The third installment promised to be so many things, and I was not disappointed one bit. This book follows the group to Italy, for the conclusion of their trip and in order to get away from the press for a while. I felt that Italy was a wonderful place to end this series. The descriptions and imagery were mastered beautifully, and honestly the pace felt so much more calm and serene because of Cora and her friend’s surroundings. Lisa Bergren is an amazing author and this review, I am sure, will not do her justice.

This book wastes no time diving into Cora’s life and all the conflicts she faces at home and in her own personal life. Cora really grows as a person and a character in this book because she has to make a few decisions, and these are not easy ones to make. She feels torn between the father figures in her life, as well as the two men that are vying for her heart. Cora is a remarkable person, and after following her in three books I must say that she has been one of my favorite characters to read over the past year. She now just feels like a childhood friend to me, and when I need a good dose of inspiration I will turn to some of her most encouraging lines in these books.

These books have given me a little bit of everything all wrapped into one. They were like a big birthday cake made from scratch providing: history, romance, adventure, action, and best of all, drama! This book is just like the rest, and keeps you on the edge of your seat wondering what is going to happen next. At times while reading I pictured this book being turned into a television series, and must admit that I believe it would be a marvelous one at that! Lisa Bergren, keep writing books like these!

***A copy of this book was provided to me by the folks at Litfuse Blog Tours in exchange for my participation on a tour and my honest review***

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