Friday, May 16, 2014

Book Review: Blue Notes

Blue NotesAuthor: Carrie Lofty
Publication Date: May 6, 2014
Publisher: Gallery

For fans of Jamie McGuire and S.C. Stephens, a sizzling new adult novel featuring the tumultuous relationship between a young piano prodigy and a reluctant billionaire playboy—set against the vibrant backdrop of a New Orleans college campus.

After being bounced from foster family to foster family, Keeley, a talented pianist, is ready to start over as a junior at Tulane. But when she plays a small concert that attracts the attention of Jude, a brooding playboy and heir to an enormous fortune in the wake of his parents’ tragic death, suddenly Keeley’s life is thrown off balance once again.

Jude is the first person to confront her about the pain behind her music, and she struggles with whether or not to let him into her life, or to keep protecting herself from the hurt that relationships have caused her in the past. But Keeley’s about to learn that the melancholy young billionaire who appears to have everything he wants can open her eyes to exactly what she needs…

“Turn me on, sugar,” he says, smoldering and daring. “Just you and that piano.”

“I’m Dorothy trying to get to the Emerald City. Only, someone forgot to paint the sidewalks yellow.”

“What will be left of me when I’ve got Pandora’s open box slicing holes in my soul.”

This book starts with Keeley as a younger girl in which readers find out what happened that caused Keeley to be placed in the foster care system. Please don’t forget to read the prologue; it is very important! I love books that center around music and the character’s love for music. I don’t get to read that many of them because it feels like they are not common in the fictional world, but when a new one comes along I am always happy to give it a try. Keeley is a fabulous character to lead us through this story, and even though the prologue is a little dark please do not let that scare you from reading the rest of the book!

Keeley meets cocky, arrogant Jude when she goes off to college. At first, if I am being completely honest, I wanted to put the book down because I did not like Jude. He is so arrogant and just downright snotty. I kept going, however, and it was all well worth it. The more you read the more you will learn about Jude’s background, since we already know so much about Keeley’s upfront. This is not a mushy gushy romance. It has a realistic pacing and is not too overwhelming. I think more romances should be written just like this one!

I said before to not let the prologue of this book scare you. I stand behind that. Both Keeley and Jude have terrifying pasts, and even though that part of the book is dark the rest of the story is not. Both of these characters learn to rise above the waves. This book and the premise behind it is very sweet, even if we have to endure what the main characters initially had to face. And believe me, I felt so sorry for Keeley in the beginning, but something about her seemed so powerful and strong. This is one of those books that you will be able to fly through in a matter of hours!

***A free copy of this book was provided to me by the publishers at Gallery in exchange for my honest review***

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