Saturday, February 28, 2015

Book Review: A Ghostly Undertaking

A Ghostly Undertaking (Ghostly Southern Mysteries, #1)Author: Tonya Kappes
Publication Date: February 24, 2015
Publisher: Witness
Series: Ghostly Southern Mysteries # 1

Another day. Another funeral. Another ghost. Another average day in the life of young funeral home director, Emma Lee Raines. After a perilous run-in with a plastic Santa Claus, Emma Lee, co-owner of Eternal Slumber Funeral Home in Sleepy Hollow, Kentucky, sees the ghost of town gossip Ruthie Sue Payne, who is proving to be a real pain, more so in death than while living. Recently deceased, Ruthie reveals to Emma Lee that her demise wasn't caused by accidentally falling down the steps at the Sleepy Hollow Inn as everyone believes—she was pushed...murdered. In order for the ghost to cross over—and for Emma Lee to be rid of Ruthie for good—she must find a desperate killer...or risk being haunted forever.

Another day. Another funeral. Another ghost.

Well, the funeral thing was common. The ghost thing…that was new, making Sleepy Hollow anything but sleepy.

We’d barely made it into the vestibule before Ruthie was right in my face. “Emma Lee, I did not fall down those stairs. Someone pushed me. Don’t you understand? I was murdered!”

Emma Lee is not your ordinary, average girl. Well, first of all she is known around town and often refers to herself as “funeral girl” because her family owns the local funeral home, but even more than that it is her unique supernatural ability that makes Emma the most special; she can see and talk to the dead. Emma Lee makes it her duty to help the ghosts who come to her cross over, and often times that means solving their murders. But how amazing is it that at least she has the ghost there to help and lead her to clues? I loved this first book and cannot wait to read the rest in the series! Emma Lee is smart, original, and best of all, southern! I love this mix in a heroine any day.

This book was such a joy to read and I was finished with it in no time. The story is filled with southern charm and often made me laugh out loud. The characters are easy to like and remember and Emma Lee just puts the cherry on top of the pie! She seemed a little timid in this book, but I am hoping that her character gets more comfortable with her surroundings in later books and in turn becomes more feisty and courageous! The whole little town of Sleepy Hollow was a joy to read and I must admit that at first I did not want the setting to mostly be the funeral home that Emma works at, but it played into the plot nicely and really put a twist on things! If you love cozy mysteries, you should pick this one up because it is unlike any you have read before!

***A free copy of this book was provided to me by the publishers at Witness in exchange for my honest review***

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  1. Ohhh this sounds like my kind of book. Lovely review, Chelsey! And thank you for stopping by and following my blog last week :)