Sunday, October 8, 2017

Book Review: Beth Webb: An Eye For Beauty

Beth Webb: An Eye for Beauty: Rooms That Speak to the SensesAuthor: Beth Webb
Publication Date: September 19, 2017
Publisher: Rizzoli

The first book from the acclaimed Atlanta interior designer, known for elegantly collected interiors.

Beth Webb believes that regardless of who we are or what kind of style we prefer, beauty and comfort are paramount for any home. Because each room is an environment, her design elevates the everyday by speaking to the five senses. In this lavishly illustrated book, Webb explores the fundamentals of creating a home in which every element we see and touch, and how the room makes us feel, enhance our ability to live well.

Drawing from her background in the fine arts, Webb offers insight into how form, line, and scale render a space timeless and promote a sense of well-being. There should be texture, calm colors, and plenty of visual moments to keep the eye moving. There should be impeccable tailoring and polished details. And most important, there should be soul, meaning that the house must reflect its owners and their evolving lifestyle. Webb gracefully shares ideas, images, and stories illustrating these principles throughout this rich visual resource and design reference.

Nature has her own kaleidoscope of textures, infinitely varied and profound.

The process of reinventing spaces always requires a deftness of hand. With a gentle touch, reminders of the past, and abundant texture, this renovation serves its purpose to provide embracing, welcoming surroundings for this family’s foreseeable future.

Our bodies feel quality. We instinctively know when we’re swathed in exquisite sheeting or swaddled in the ultimate cashmere throw. Even if we can’t put a name to the sensation or described the difference, we aspire to it nonetheless. Such is the primal, instinctual understanding of beauty and luxury.

The myth of a house that possesses the fragrance of a dream home isn’t a myth at all. It’s a verifiable reality, as any real estate broker will attest. Citrus, fresh-cut pine, and cinnamon are just a few of the scents that professionals advise sellers to use as they help put prospective buyers in the right mood to imagine their lives within the space.

Beth Webb’s book is filled with so many appealing images that showcase her take on utilizing space in a home and creating and designing rooms that are appealing to the senses. Beth fosters a strong belief in the old-fashioned cliché that “less is more” and refers to having a balance of “the precious and the practical” for everyday living. Beth even has a section of pages in which she addresses the scent of a home and how scent often serve as an emotional trigger for us. She has literally thought of every possible thing to address that makes a house a home and the images she has chosen to highlight her style are simple, yet so breathtaking. Her style is a little more varied than mine, but this is part of the reason I enjoyed the book so much.

This book only lost one star/cupcake from me and I must say that this came because of two reasons. The first reason that this book did not meet a five star rating from me was because of the limit of color in the rooms that were showcased in this book. Beth Webb purposely chose the all-white or almost all-white approach and does explain why, but I must say that I must prefer a better use of color. Color makes me feel more at home and at ease. I also did not like the fact that I could not put a label on Beth’s style. It is classical, traditional, contemporary, and modern all at once. This is just my own personal pet peeve, but I would have liked it if her style and these photos were more easily categorized. However, this book still received a four star rating from me because after much deliberation I decided that this was a credit to Webb that she was able to successfully transcend a mixture of decorative styles.

***A free copy of this book was provided to me by the publishers at Rizzoli in exchange for an honest review***

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