Monday, May 28, 2012

Book Review: Seeing Cinderella

Author: Jenny Lundquist
Publication Date: March 20, 2012
Publisher: Aladdin M!X

Calliope Meadow Anderson wishes her life could be more of a fairy tale—just like the stories she writes. Her best friend, Ellen, is acting weird, her parent's marriage is falling apart, and to top things off, she found out she needs hideously large and geeky glasses.

But Callie soon learns they aren't just any glasses—they are magical and let her read people's thoughts. For the first time ever she's answering all the questions right in math class, and gets a glimpse of what goes through people's minds all day, including what Ellen—and her longtime crush—really think of her.

As if dealing with these crazy glasses weren't enough, Callie tries out for the lead in her school's production of Cinderella and actually gets the part. Instead, Callie chooses to let Ellen have the lead and be Ellen's understudy—just like she has done for their entire friendship.

Add in a new girl who has something to hide, a secret admirer, a best friend stealer who isn't what she seems, and Callie's year just went from ordinary to extraordinary.

Can this supporting actress learn to be a leading lady in her own life? Or is she destined to stay in the background forever—even with her super-freaky-magic glasses?

The socks and the glass slippers definitely make the cover of this book. Cinderella wears the glass slippers with such grace and elegance and then you see the awkwardness of these two multi-colored socks here and you know that this Cinderella story is in for a serious twist. I also love how the heel of one of the glass slippers has broken out one of the lenses on the glasses, letting us know that we may have a bit of a klutz on our hand with our heroine. The various colors on the front cover are sure to catch anyone’s eye and they especially caught mine as I love any color out there!!!

CHARMING!!! I loved the style of this book and the characters were probably my favorite part. The writing had a very comical twist because at times you just had to burst out laughing at Callie’s awkwardness. If you remember any part of your middle school days then I am sure you can relate to the funny and absurd thoughts that would sometimes enter Callie’s mind. However, she owned her awkwardness! At first she was unsure of whom she was, but I love how Callie realizes that it is perfectly acceptable to have frizzy, disastrous red hair and tons of freckles.

I did not mention this in the video, but I love how Jenny incorporated Callie’s parents into the story. Parents are important for any adolescent or child and here you see firsthand how they have affected Callie’s upbringing. Her Mom and Dad are both very influential pieces to Callie’s large puzzle, but in different forms. Her parents are, at the time, separated and this takes a lot of Callie because she struggles daily trying to make sense of it all. Lundquist hits the nail on the head in adding this detail to her story because many adolescents that are Callie’s age do face problems like Callie does on a daily basis whether it be with their parents, friends, boys, or just trying to grow to accept and appreciate who they really are and who they are becoming.

Callie’s friends were another of my favorite parts of this story. We all know how girls can be; mean, devious, malicious, and downright hateful. Callie faces some trying times and some trying little girls. Her best friend, Ellen, has changed right before her eyes and Callie cannot seem to figure out why she is continually leaving her out in left field while she takes it upon herself to make new friends. Most girls go through stages like this all the time they develop and their likes and interests change so their friendships drift apart. Just another fun twist to Callie’s story! She makes new friends and develops some pretty unlikely romantic interests, but her story is definitely a fast, fun read that will take you straight back to middle school, in a good way (:

***Thank you to Aladdin M!X for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review***


  1. This does sounds really cute. And I love your thoughts on the cover, so in depth! Glad you enjoyed this one, sounds like a fun and maybe even crazy read.

  2. I love this kind of story! I've always been partial to fairy tales and all things magical and I love the cover too. I will have to look for this one. Awesome review!