Saturday, August 17, 2013

Book Review: While It Lasts

While It Lasts (Sea Breeze, #3)Author: Abbi Glines
Publication Date: August 6, 2013
Publisher: Simon Pulse
Series: Sea Breeze # 3

Cage brings his playboy prowess to the countryside as the Sea Breeze hookups continue, from self-published phenomenon Abbi Glines. Low broke Cage’s heart by getting with Marcus in Because of Low. Cage went into a tailspin that ended in a DUI. In order to salvage his baseball scholarship—the one thing he truly valued besides Low—Cage must take a summer job. At a farm. Away from Sea Breeze. With lots of cows, but no hot girls. Maybe that’s what Cage needs to get back on track.

But wait—there’s that hostile daughter of the farm boss. She’s pretty and occasionally sweet, and there seems to be a lot of sadness and mystery behind her anger. Cage is dying to strip her down—physically and mentally—in the back of the barn. But is he prepared for what will happen afterward?

I had only three problems with this plan:

1.       No girls.
2.      I hated manual labor.
3.      No girls.

I hated guys like Cage. Life was a joke to him. There was no doubt in my mind that females of all ages drooled at his feet. He was healthy, alive, and throwing it all away like it was a game.

“Hmmm…I guess. But they’re engaged, Cage. That makes her off-limits.”

I had to be the worst kind of person to even admit that Cage York’s kiss had been the most mind-blowing thing I’d ever experienced, when Josh had kissed me many times.

Cage York is by far my favorite character from this series of books! So far his story is my favorite too. I thought it was only fair that Cage get his own book, and I literally jumped up and down when I realized that this book was coming about! I also fell in love with Low, from the previous book in this series, and even though the two of them did not end up together, they are still my favorites. Cage has gotten himself into trouble in this book and now he is having to work all summer bailing hay just to save his baseball scholarship and his chance for a future. He has already accepted that this summer will be no cake walk; no girls, no late night hookups, and no crazy, wild parties either. That is until Cage meets Eva. Eva just might have what it takes to really break Cage though, more than any girl has been able to do before!

Don’t get me wrong. Cage can be a jerk. He can be the biggest player known to mankind, but Abbi Glines has a way of making him seem irresistible and charming all at once. He has his moments where he says and does things that make me wish I was in the book and able to kiss and hug him. He is my favorite male character of the year, maybe even the past two. Honestly, I fell in love with him even more than I did with Marcus in Because of Low. He is so unmistakably handsome and he knows it, but he also knows that he is not perfect and he admits his mistakes and wrongdoings. I have been in love with Cage York from day one, and if all this gushing doesn’t convince you to check him out for yourself then something is seriously wrong with you!

Eva reminded me so much of myself towards the beginning of the book. I can sometimes have a harsh exterior and don’t like to let people know what is going on in my brain. However, my circumstances are nothing like hers. Eva really brought to the table all that I was hoping the girl who landed Cage would. I loved how he acted around her too. He became so protective and jealous, and I know that she brought all that out in him! They were a perfect fit right from the start. I kept catching myself thinking about all the ways that Eva would be good for Cage, but I neglected to think how Cage could be good for Eva too. And he certainly was! These two have an amazing love story, and as always we can thank the Queen of Romance for that! Abbi Glines, you are stellar!

***A copy of this book was provided to me by the publishers at Simon Pulse in exchange for my honest review***

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