Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Book Review: Entasy

Author: Brynn Myers
Publication Date: June 19, 2012
Publisher: Amber Leaf Publishing
Series: Prophecies of the Nine #0.5

Kylah is the granddaughter of two Celtic goddesses but due to a tragedy Kylah's memories were taken to protect her. She has no idea who she really is but soon she will find out...soon she will have to confront her past in order to save her future.

This seems to be the year for beautiful girls in large, elegant dresses as far as book covers are concerned. This book has a dark feel and my favorite part about it is definitely the blackbird that has landed on her hand; it just adds to the musky, nightmarish atmosphere. Her flowing red hair was the first eye catcher for me and I am loving all of these books with redheads on the front even though I am not one! (: The cover just looks so realistic, like you could reach out and feel the fire coming from the palm of her hand! I would probably categorize this cover as one of the most in depth that I have seen so far this year.

What I would first suggest to all of my lovely readers would be to venture on over to Brynn Myer’s website à http://www.brynnmyers.com/ and check out the upcoming Prophecies of the Nine Series to understand a little bit more of Kylah’s world. The following quote is taken directly from the website speaking about this upcoming series, The Prophecies of The Nine is a breathtaking urban fantasy series featuring the warriors of The Nine, a unique band of fighters all chosen for their individual talents. Their job is to protect the innocent souls and punish those who wish to enslave the human world as well as the supernatural. The leader of the Sluagh has waged a war with the goddesses and now both sides will stop at nothing to exact their vengeance. Get ready to fall into a story of love, fire and passion as these warriors fight to save everything and everyone they love.” Entasy is the prequel novella.

Brynn Myers writes a story about a girl who has a past deeper than the Grand Canyon and a future that is as bright as the rising sun. Kylah, the main character, is the granddaughter of not one, but two Celtic Goddesses. I mean, seriously, how awesome is that? Her world is partly “human” and largely mythical, but the sad part is that all she can remember is the human side. Brynn’s world building skills are out of this world; with so many characters and relationships among them, this book is phenomenal for its intertwining realms, characters, and themes. The only part that I had any problem with was the rapid changing with point of views of different characters. It was hard for me to understand who was speaking or narrating some of the time.

Kylah, as stated before, has a powerful destiny ahead of her and there are many people (supernatural ones, of course) who would like nothing more than to stop her! I believe that she is going to develop into an incredible heroine as the series progresses and Brynn shares more with us about her fated path. Kylah proved to be a stand up character in this prequel novel, however, she can definitely take charge and stand up for herself and she often proved that with her two domineering brothers. I loved their family bond and the brother’s unfailing need to protect Kylah from all harm. They, of course, know Kylah’s destiny and what it holds so they stop at nothing to keep her safe.

My favorite aspect of this story was the intertwined Celtic mythology and the way that Kylah’s world would spin from human to supernatural in the blink of an eye. I am hoping that we see and hear more from both of her grandmothers, Morrigan and Brighid, which are Goddesses, in later books. I am very intrigued by their story. Kylah is going to prove to be a very powerful Goddess too, I feel. Her grandmothers of spoken of as very powerful deities and it gives me chills as to what the future holds for Kylah. If you have not heard of Entasy then I strongly urge you to check out this fast, exciting read.

*** A copy of this book was provided to me by the author, Brynn Myers, in exchange for my honest review***


  1. Chelsey, I love your reviews! I am always reading them and usually end up having to purchase the books you review.

  2. Chelsey, thank you so much for this review!!!! I am thrilled that you enjoyed it. The first in the series is going to be called Redemption...Kylah and Aerric's story. I promise you too that that you will not only have more of Kylah but the goddesses as well! :D

  3. I think it is a problem when we as readers have to go to an outside source in order to comprehend the book. The fact that you recommend we read the author's intro to his new series is a red light for me because it is the job of the book to lay the foundations of the series and build it up from there.

    That being said, I'll probably end up picking this book because you're right, the cover is beautiful. I love it. And I like Celtic mythology so I'll read it but with some apprehension.