Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Book Review: A Royal Pain

Author: Megan Mulry
Publication Date: November 13, 2012
Publisher: Sourcebooks Landmark

Bronte Talbott follows all of the exploits of the British royals. After all, they're the world's most preeminent dysfunctional family. And who is she to judge? Bronte's own search for love isn't going all that well, especially after her smooth-talking Texan boyfriend abruptly leaves her in the dust.

Bronte keeps a lookout for a rebound to help mend her broken heart, and when she meets Max Heyworth, she's certain he's the perfect transition man. But when she discovers he's a duke, she has to decide if she wants to stay with him for the long haul and deal with the opportunities-- and challenges-- of becoming a royal

“What had started out as a mere act of rebellion on her part soon grew into a lifelong fascination. She would acquaint herself with British history, all right. Starting with the torrid affairs of Henry VIII right up until the glamour of Lady Diana. She was especially fond of the brooding men who always had pressed linen handkerchiefs in their pockets and the stylish women who were born knowing how to wear a fascinator. Her father had despised Bronte’s royal infatuations and had ridiculed her inconsolable adolescent drama when Diana died. Of course, his disapproval only served to solidify her attachment to all things having to do with British royalty (and occasionally Danish and French when marriages demanded.)” – Finished Copy pg. 7

“‘You know Sylvia’s motto! It’s just as easy to love a royal as it is to love a commoner, so-’

‘You might as well love the royal!’ all three of them chimed in unison.” – Finished Copy pg. 14

“‘Sarah. Look at me. I am not a duchess, for chrissake. It was an affair. A perfect wonderful-’ she stopped and looked down at her lap to control the emotion, then brought her eyes back up to Sarah-‘affair. And now it’s over. I am just being a grown up. Everything has a beginning and an end-that’s what my mom always used to say. And it’s true. It was great while it lasted. And now it’s time to move on.’” – Finished Copy pg. 103

“Once her father died, she was free to be the Pollyanna she secretly was. To go after her own personal fairy tale. She had decided she would prove to him posthumously that a person could be smart and happy.” – Finished Copy pg. 135-136

I, just like Bronte, am enthralled with the lives of Royals. I wish I could live in their shoes for one day. But if this book made me realize anything it is that life as a commoner is the best way to live! Bronte is obsessed with the lives of the British Royalty, and I bet she never thought that she would end up dating one! Max Heyworth is soon to be the Duke of Northrop and has every intention of making Bronte his duchess. What he doesn’t know is that Bronte has just had her smashed, broken heart handed back to her on a platter. Will Max be able to tear down the walls around Bronte’s heart?

Bronte Talbott is in your face and extremely forward. You never have to guess what she is thinking because she doesn’t care who knows it. It was nice to read a character like her, even though she was harsh and crass at times. I think this is a very realistic representation of many women after having their heart broken. Bronte is one of those women that we told she cannot do something she flicks her hair over her shoulders and says, “watch me!” She has a very strong personality and a need to protect herself. I like that her relationship with her father was strained because this gives readers some understanding as to why she is so brutally honest and forward at times. She was never allowed to be who she really was, but always encouraged to be who her parents wanted her to be. The only problem that I had with Bronte was the amount of curse words she threw around. Slow down girl! But it does add depth to the character and her abrasive personality. She is definitely not what you expect a duchess to be.

The last sentence leads me to my thoughts on Max. *Sigh* Max is perfect, at least in my eyes. And the number one reason I say this is because he loves and cherishes Bronte no matter how hard and cold her heart is when they first meet. He sees through all of that and even takes her home to meet his over the top, classy, snooty mother; the Duchess of Northrop. He just impressed me so much because he was Bronte’s counterpart. He was the calm to her fury! Every great relationship has its strengths, and this was theirs. Max was a gentleman and appreciated Bronte’s space, most of the time. I would have liked to have read a little more background knowledge about him and his entire family.

Bronte and Max both have issues with their parents and I can see that this joins them together on a certain level. They both understand what it feels like to be ridiculed by someone that should love you unconditionally. I believe that they both aspire to be better people than their parents were to them. I loved this aspect of the novel because it was something that you don’t normally read about that joins two people together!

I loved the look into the Royal life and this book was very well written and paced. I wish I could have seen more from the lives of the Royals, and I wouldn’t mind reading what’s next for Bronte! This was my first Megan Mulry read and I want to thank her for making me laugh and making my jaw drop in shock at the same time! Fans of contemporary romance and chick lit will enjoy this look at British Royalty! Don’t miss it!

***Thank, thank, thank you to Megan’s publicist, Heather, for sending me a copy of this book for review purposes!***

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