Thursday, February 7, 2013

Book Review: Timekeeper

Timekeeper (Timeless, #2)Author: Alexandra Monir
Publication Date: January 8, 2013
Publisher: Delacorte Press
Series: Timeless # 2

When Philip Walker appears as a new student in Michele Windsor's high school class, she is floored. He is the love she thought she lost forever when they said goodbye during her time travels last century. Overjoyed that they can resume the relationship they had a lifetime ago, Michele eagerly approaches him and discovers the unthinkable: he doesn't remember her. In fact, he doesn't seem to remember anything about the Philip Walker of 1910.

Michele then finds her father's journals, which tell stories of his time-traveling past. As she digs deeper, she learns about his entanglement with a mysterious and powerful organization called the Time Society and his dealings with a vengeful Windsor ancestor. Michele soon finds herself at the center of a rift over 120 years in the making, one whose resolution will have life-or-death consequences.

Alexandra Monir's Timekeeper combines breathtaking romance with a tale of complex magic in a sequel that will have every reader believing in the transcendent power of love.

“When Michele first picked up his key it had responded, transforming from an inanimate object into a moving and pulsing talisman, as if it recognized her touch. To her disbelief, the key sent Michele back in time one hundred years – and that’s where she met the stranger who had haunted her dreams for as long as she could remember. Philip Walker. The man she’d always assumed to be a figment of her idealizing imagination turned out to be an eighteen-year-old boy from 1910.” – Hardback Copy pg. 14

“The Time Society’s purpose has always been to find others who possess the Key and the Time-Traveling Gene, so we may use our gifts collectively and become stronger as an entity, preserving the history of America while protecting its future.” – Hardback Copy pg. 18

“This wasn’t the first time she’d traveled against her will, but it was the only time she had mistaken it for a dream.” – Hardback Copy pg. 48

We may never, never meet again on the bumpy road to love. Still I’ll always, always keep the memory of…” – Hardback Copy pg. 119

This is the second book in the Timeless series and we pick back up with Michele and Philip’s life as it was book one. Michele is caught up in some sort of a daydream because she has just seen Philip Walker in her modern day life in 2010. She is startled, dazed, and confused especially because when she approaches him he has no remembrance of her at all. Now to top it all off there is someone very evil and very powerful after Michele. Will this villain get to Michele first? Will Michele win Philip back? You will just have to find out for yourselves!

The time travel and the history are by far my favorite parts of these books. The time travel takes us back to a beautiful period of New York City on the Upper East Side where the rich and famous like to hang around. The scenes are beautifully described and New York almost feels like a dream. The time travel is picturesque and is incorporated smoothly and arrives with great transitions. Time travel, like foreshadowing or flashbacks, is hard to write but Monir successfully accomplishes this in way that it doesn’t read as too predictable. The Time Society is fascinating and there is a novella that Monir published to go alongside this series called Secrets of the Time Society. Even though I have not had a chance to read this short novella, I think that it would offer some more amazing insight into this series and the idea of time travel.

I wish there had been more Philip and more time travel for Michele. I think Philip and Michele are an amazing duo and their spark is quite unique and has an interesting twist. When Philip didn’t know who she was at the beginning of this book I found myself immediately wanting to skip ahead to get some answers. I love romance combined with time travel and you don’t get a romance this good and time travel this good mixed into one very often. I just wish that there had been more of Philip. I find myself wishing that I could travel through time to find a Philip Walker for myself. I also wish that Michele would have traveled more often and had more awesome adventures. Primarily in this novel she was preoccupied with finding out more about her father and his life as part of The Time Society. I enjoyed the history behind it all but would have loved to see her take over his place more.

I say if you like time travel at all to definitely give this one a try!

***A copy of this book was provided to me by the publishers at Delacorte Press in exchange for my honest review***


  1. I finished this one last week and really liked it too! I hadn't read the first book, but I definitely loved the time travel and relationship between Michele and Philip. Great review :)

    -Jessica (Peace Love Books)

  2. This seems like such an interesting series. Great review.