Sunday, August 11, 2013

Book Review: Spring Awakening

Spring Awakening (Summerset Abbey, #3)Author: T.J. Brown
Publication Date: August 6, 2013
Publisher: Gallery Books
Series: Summerset Abbey #3

The thrilling conclusion to the evocative Summerset Abbey series featuring two sisters and their maid as they navigate an uncertain world in the midst of World War I. Aristocratic and free-spirited sisters Rowena and Victoria, as well as their maid and dear friend Prudence navigate the uncertain social and political climate of WWI-era England in the dramatic conclusion to the sweeping saga about the women of Summerset. Vividly evoking both time and place with authentic dialogue and richly detailed settings, this beautifully written novel explores the conflict between tradition and modernity as these women struggle to determine what to expect from their futures…

Her jaw dropped. “Oh, please! You’ve gone beyond silly into the realm of Never Never Land. Perhaps you’ve been concussed while off in the war.” She dismissed him with a wave of a hand.

Rather than get angry, he laughed. “I only wish I were in Never Never Land. You would make a charming Wendy.”

Victoria stood, sighing. “I’m not ashamed of going to prison, you know. Many brave women have gone to Holloway Castle because they believe in the suffrage of women. I’m humiliated because I wasn’t incarcerated for bravery, but stupidity. I was duped like a child into being at the wrong place at the wrong time.”

But underneath her confusion and her disappointment in herself was relief. If nothing else, she knew from the intensity of their embrace that she could one day share a marriage bed with Sebastian…just not yet.

I have thoroughly enjoyed T.J. Brown’s Summerset Abbey Trilogy and honestly I hate to see it come to a close. In my opinion, this book, the last in the trilogy, was the absolute best! There was more action, more love, and certainly more war! Rowena, Victoria, and Prudence are all at different points in their life by the time this book starts, but one thing remains the same – the imminent threat of war. A war would greatly impact the lives of each of these girls, and in this final book in the trilogy we get a chance to see that up close and personal. Each of these three beautiful, courageous women are in love and facing personal battles of their own. I loved getting to know these women and this book closed up any lose ends that I may have questioned before!

I do not want to complain about any of the books in this series at all; however, this book was easier to get into than the previous two. From the first chapter I was instantly hooked and didn’t stop to look up until I was already halfway finished with the book. The girls are just at such pivotal stages in their lives in this book, and their love lives are most certainly one of the most interesting topics talked about! I had so many questions after finishing the second book back in the spring, but this book tied up any loose ends that might have needed closing. I could not say which character’s story I liked more than the others because there is so much at stake in each of these women’s lives.

War was a huge factor in this book and it brought so much action to the lives of Rowena, Victoria, and Prudence. Their love lives were vibrant and taking drastic changes. Victoria and Kit, as well as Rowena and Sebastian, are always interesting to read about. Rowena and Victoria are such strong women, and I love their partners as well. I think that Sebastian and Kit compliment the sisters wonderfully. I will say that I liked the war being such a major part of this book because it made the characters see what was and is really important in their lives and hearts!

***A copy of this book was provided to me by the publishers at Gallery Books in exchange for my honest review***

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