Friday, August 9, 2013

Book Review: Wedding Belles

Wedding BellesAuthor: Beth Albright
Publication Date: July 23, 2013
Publisher: Harlequin Mira

The Sassy Belles are back and this time, wedding bells are ringing!

Seven months pregnant and head over heels in love, Vivi Ann McFadden is busy pulling together the final details for her wedding to Lewis Heart, famous play-by-play announcer for the Crimson Tide. But with two wedding-planners-gone-wild, a psychic giving her advice, and the ceremony happening on the same day as the wildly popular Crimson Tide kickoff game, chaos reigns supreme. Luckily, maid of honor Blake O'Hara Heart is on the job. She'll tackle this wedding if it's the last thing she does!

But not everyone is cheering for the happy couple. News of the upcoming nuptials has brought Lewis's old flame back to Tuscaloosa and she's got a secret that could mean the end of Lewis's marriage before it even begins.

Sexy Southern fun with a hint of magnolia!

Still, nothing was hotter than Vivi’s temper at the moment – and with a redhead, that’s usually a dangerous thing.

Well, I told myself for the hundredth time, Vivi is getting her wedding license in just a few hours and then the other woman, whoever she is, won’t matter. I kept repeating that, but somehow I wasn’t totally convinced.

I was just hoping the “other woman” the psychic spoke of didn’t turn out to be the Wicked Witch of the West.

But I knew that Vivi needed me and I wasn’t about to let her down. And I think it’s safe to say that Miss Myra Jean has a gift, for we most certainly had found the other woman.

Vivi and Blake are at it again! This is the second book in what I believe is called The Sassy Belles series. Vivi is seven months pregnant and trying her best to plan her wedding to Lewis Heart, the famous announcer for the Crimson Tide. Vivi has her best friend and maid of honor Blake O’Hara Heart to help though, and the two of them are sure to get into some trouble along the way. However, these two Southern belles have no idea what kind of trouble is headed their way. Lewis’s old lover is back in town and she is carrying a secret that could end the wedding before it even has a chance to start!

I am all about Southern charm and grace! I’m a Southern belle myself, you know. Vivi and Blake have me on my wit’s end at times because of the messes they get themselves into, but they sure do have the charm that comes along with any refined Southern woman. Beth Albright, the author, really sells the relationship between Vivi and Blake. They are two very realistic characters who have landed in a bit of a mess. The situations are sometimes crazy and the dialogue is always humorous!

Anything with a wedding and a cast of lunatic characters and you can count me in! Not to mention Albright does a wonderful job of setting up a sizzling, hot Southern setting. Alabama is not a place that I read about often in books, and having the groom-to-be be affiliated with the Crimson Tide only spices things up more, especially when his ex-lover comes to town. I laughed out loud at times, and thought that Vivi and Blake would be great stars in a new comedy film!

***A copy of this book was provided to me by the publishers at Harlequin Mira in exchange for my honest review***

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  1. This cover art is WAY cute! Just for that reason alone, the book should get a high rating. ;)