Friday, February 13, 2015

Book Review: Where Rivers Part

Where Rivers Part (Texas Gold, #2)Author: Kellie Coates Gilbert
Publication Date: February 17, 2015
Publisher: Revell
Series: Texas Gold # 2

Following in her estranged father's footsteps, Dr. Juliet Ryan has devoted her scientific acumen to corporate America, providing safe drinking water for millions--and affording her plenty of perks along the way. Then, without warning, a fast-moving disaster sweeps Juliet into a whirlpool of corporate scandal and puts lives at risk. As she scrambles to find answers, Juliet must face her deepest wounds and join forces with her father to expose a far-reaching conspiracy. Underneath it all, she struggles to forgive those who betrayed her trust--not least of all her own father.

Some things she would never forgive.

Just as a hint of light showed up on the dark horizon, the two weather fronts collided and rain fell from the thunderous sky, as if heaven too might be overwrought with emotion.

Time stilled while Juliet held her sobbing father.

The second book in a series that is filled with fast-paced action, adventure, and a bit of mystery is sure to please as well. Dr. Juliet Ryan wants to make a name for herself in the food and beverage industry, and with a prestigious degree from a prestigious university, she has every advantage to do that. However, when a powerful scandal breaks out, Dr. Ryan is thrown right into the middle of it and must enlist the help of her estranged father in order to get to the bottom of the catastrophe. The author, Kellie Coates Gilbert, clearly knows her way around Texas and writes San Antonio with such perfection and pizzazz. Reading the author’s note and finding out her inspiration for writing this novel, I felt even more invested in the story and wanted to learn more about the author. A truly phenomenal writer.  

Dr. Ryan can be a tough character to like at times while reading. She struggles with forgiveness and has had issues in the past with her father, so she has things in her life that are left with unresolved feelings. She can seem hard at times, but it allows her character to appear all the more real. This book has some intense scenes and brings up issues that happen all around us. Those issues deal with relationships that she has like parental relationships, friendships, and even business relationships. She really had to struggle to get past some of her resentment. She was inspirational and her story was powerful and I am sure will provide many readers with some real, raw emotions.

*** A free copy of this book was provided to me by the publishers at Revell in exchange for my honest review***

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  1. I could tell by looking at the cover that it was set in San Antonio. This series looks really good!

    Kate @ Ex Libris