Thursday, October 4, 2012

Book Review: Blame It On Texas

Author: Christie Craig
Publication Date: August 28, 2012
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
Series: Hotter In Texas # 2

Zoe Adams has always been content with her quiet nights at home, watching TV alone-until her life turns into a real-life episode of Unsolved Mystery Hunters. The story of a kidnapped girl triggers unexplained memories, and Zoe is dead-set on figuring out why. Her search leads her to one of the Lone Star State's richest families-and to sexy PI Tyler Lopez.

Tyler has sworn off women, especially redheads with killer curves who poke their noses into his clients' private lives. Still, he can't deny the attraction any more than he can deny that some of Zoe's crazy story makes sense. But when she becomes a hit man's target, this cold case starts heating up. Suddenly, Tyler will do anything to protect Zoe-even risk his heart.

I have never actually been to Texas, but I hear that everything is better there! The cover of this book is so cute and when I read the synopsis on the back I didn’t expect it at all. I just expected a sweet and romantic love story, like the rest. I was pleasantly surprised! This story revolves around a cold case that has been closed for years and years. I was so intrigued by this story line because it is so different from anything that I have ever read. I usually stay away from anything like this but because this fits in the romance genre, I made an exception!
Everything is bigger in Texas, right? I think so! This is the second book in the Hotter Than Texas series and it is just as great if not better than the first! This story has a slight twist and is not purely a romance novel. I loved that about it! While we do have an obvious attraction between our two leading characters, Zoe and Tyler, there is a cold case that is reopened in the process and we follow alongside a rather deep, dark investigation. I absolutely loved this detail of the story. I sometimes get bored with the rather clich├ęd romance stories that always end up with the same fate. This investigation kept me on the edge of my seat.


Tyler Lopez was every bit the Texan cowboy that I pictured him to be. He is rugged and rustic and yet still so charming! I love that he carries that sort of rough around the edges mantra. The first chapter of the book introduces us to Tyler and he is dressed up as a clown for his favorite niece’s birthday party. Of course he is there against his will, and only wanting to please the child. Here we are introduced to his snarky, sarcastic side and we are able to witness a little of his crass humor. Tyler kept me laughing throughout the entire book. He is just a character that comes in at the right time with the right words.


Zoe also deserves recognition because I definitely admired her and loved her character. She comes all the way to Texas because she thinks that she is the missing heiress to a rather rich, prestigious family in the community. Years ago their daughter was kidnapped from their home and never to be found again. I was so into Zoe’s story because you have to admit this is very interesting! I know from personal experience that it is hard to write stories with these kinds of twists. You have to be sure at all times that you are not leaving anything out and that every detail adds up. Christie does a wonderful job of giving us an insight into this cold case! Zoe is a very likeable character and is not the usual dimwit of most female characters that have recently fallen head over heels in love.


Their relationship was wonderful because from the first page I could tell that Tyler was going to be over-protective of Zoe and I love that in a man. He has almost given up on love because of a bad relationship that did not end well. I love the way that they figure things out together. Both of them try to convince themselves that a relationship and love is the last thing they need. However, they cannot go without one another! They make room for each other in the midst of their ever-changing lives. I think that Zoe and Tyler are the answers to their own questions, if that makes sense!


I am anxiously awaiting to next book in this series and to hear Austin’s story!  This book is filled with chaos and wild goose chases that will have you on the edge of your seat the whole time. Hold on like Bo Duke!!


***A big thank you to the publishers at Grand Central Publishing and Christie Craig for providing a copy of this book for me in exchange for my honest review***


  1. Hi Chelsey!!

    Thanks so much for the review. And for sharing my story with your readers. I hope every will enjoy my Blame it on Texas and a few chuckles and some entertainment as Zoe and Tyler accidentally fall in love.

  2. This sounds like an awesome book. I will definitely be checking this series out. Thanks for the review.