Monday, November 12, 2012

Book Review: Threads of Faith

Author: Andrea Boeshaar
Publication Date: October 16, 2012
Publisher: Realms
Series: Fabric of Time # 2

Can Julianna and Daniel start a new life in a new country?

Julianna Wayland is running for her life! She hides in a crate on London’s dock, only to be loaded onto a ship bound for America. During the voyage she meets Captain Daniel Sundberg, and by the time they reach New York’s harbor, she is certain she’s in love with him. The only problem is, Daniel has plans for himself—plans that don’t include her.
As Julianna struggles to find her way in a new world, will trouble from her past derail the life she is looking for?

“‘Indeed. She’s an elegant clipper, built in eighteen fifty-three.’ A swell of pride filled Daniel’s being. ‘She’d been around the world three times. In seventy-one, Ramsey Enterprises purchased her, and much of the ship underwent refurbishment. This office area and my sleeping quarters were remodeled to be more spacious. The jail here was installed in case of trouble on the sea and another ship was overtaken. The idea was that officers would find it suitable. Other prisoners are held in the cargo area, where Mr. Griswald will stay.’ At Miss Wayland’s look of interest, he added a tidbit more. ‘I’ve served as the Allegiance’s commander ever since her recommissioning ceremony in eighteen seventy-four.’” – Finished Copy pg. 24

“You’re not what I expected in a sailor, sea captain, or otherwise.” – Finished Copy pg. 33

 “‘Prince of Sea Captains…’Julianna knew that name. She’d overheard sailors in the Mariner’s Pub referring to him when she visited her sister there on a Sunday afternoon. She only wished she could recall what those drunken sailors had said. Nothing awful, if her memory served her well. ‘The captain must be a very important man.’” – Finished Copy pg. 45

I will take any chance that is given to me to dive into any form of historical fiction, especially when stories are as deep and as rich as this one. From the very page we are dropped into the center of the action, and we have Miss Julianna Wayland running for her life. She is fleeing from a master who has already damaged her older sister’s life, and aims to wreak the same havoc for Juilanna’s. I cannot stand the ill treatment of women, and especially not in a sexual manner. I thought Andrea wrote these parts well because she did not provide too many details, but wrote the scenes clear enough so that readers could infer what was going on. I hate reading about the abuse of woman! I appreciate a writing style like this that spares my emotions so early on in the book.

Julianna escapes successfully and finds herself in a crate that is soon nailed shut, with her still inside. She is loaded onto a ship called, Allegiance, and is well on her way to New York before she is discovered. Julianna’s journey is such a remarkable experience for her as well as the reader. I was so fascinated by her actions and how she reacted to being aboard a ship full of entirely men. Julianna did not come from the best upbringing and had not had what you would call an ideal life either. As soon as I found out that she was aboard the ship I prayed that nothing would happen that could send her back to England. I was ready for a new life for Julianna! I was definitely on her side and I was so proud that she had stood up for herself.

Captain Daniel Sundberg, the commander of Allegiance, takes pity on Julianna, who is a stowaway on his ship. This is of course illegal, but after learning her story he immediately feels as sorry for her as I did. Daniel was such a wonderful character and he was not at all what you would expect a sea captain to be. He was a noble man who appreciated his crew, instead of mistreating them. He offered a place to stay and warm, clean clothes for Julianna. I was so delighted by her instant interest in him, and was sad to learn that he was engaged to be married. He was just not what I expected him to be at all, but I think that is a good thing. He actually cared about Julianna’s life and wanted to help her find some stability once they reached America.

This was a wonderful book that takes readers on a journey from England to America, and invites you to witness the adventure that is made to get there. This was my first book by Andrea Boeshaar, and I was very pleased with everything about it. Her pacing is done well and she has a knack for really making her readers care for the characters they are reading about!

***A HUGE thank you and LOTS of hugs to Andrea Boeshaar to allowing me to read and review this book! She provided me my very own signed copy in exchange for my honest review***


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