Monday, November 12, 2012

Book Review: Wolfishly Yours

Author: Lydia Dare
Publication Date: November 6, 2012
Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca
Series: Westfield Wolves # 6

Accustomed to running wild with her Lycan brothers in the swamps of Louisiana, Miss Liviana Mayeux is shipped off to London where Lady Hadley offers to sponsor and assist her. Before she knows it, Livi finds herself in the middle of a pack of English wolves who are all vying for her attention. But Lady Hadley's handsome son Grayson is determined to keep her out of trouble. If only he knew how...

“Not until that blasted, busybody Father Antonio had insisted Livi was too wild for polite society.”

“She couldn’t live in England, of all places. And she certainly was not about to be turned into an English lady. The idea made her stomach roll more than the choppy ocean ever had along her voyage.”

“‘That little mark you have there, Mr. Hadley, I know full well what that is.’ She did? Gray almost swallowed his tongue. Most people assumed his birthmark, the only physical evidence of his being a Lycan, was a love bite.”

 “‘Cat got your tongue?’ She teased. ‘Or should I say wolf?’”

 “‘She is too brash. She is too sharp tongued. She is too common. She is too French. She is -.’ ‘I am in the room.’ Livi heaved an indignant sigh.

After reading this book I strongly desire a Lycan lover! What girl doesn’t? Liviana Mayeux is fortunate enough to find one of her own on our journey to Derbyshire. Liviana is used to running amuck, for lack of a better term, with her wild and devilish Lycan brothers. So when her father sends her to live with her grandfather, she does everything in her power to get on the next ship back to New Orleans. She has no desire to be a proper English lady, and no one is going to turn her into one. After all, Livi has been without a mother for so many years and only knows the wilder ways of her brothers and father.

Liviana was the best part about reading this book. I want to visit New Orleans so badly, and that is home for her. She loves her brothers and her father and is counting down the days until she can return home to them. She is a free spirit and not to mention very spunky! Let me just put it this way, no one tells her what to do and gets away with it. When she is shipped off to stay with her grandfather for awhile she is not at all happy with her situation. She is going to be trained, by Lady Sophia, on the proper etiquette of an English lady. I loved reading Livi’s character and I honestly felt like we were close friends. She was spontaneous and one of those characters that finds trouble around every corner. She kept the flow and pace of the book alive!

Grayson Hadley…be still my beating heart! He was rugged and rough around his hairy edges :) I loved the fact that he was a Lycan, and I also loved how Livi called him out on that fact every chance that she got. She loved to shake him up and was constantly crawling under his skin. Gray and Livi had a lot of similarities and this doesn’t always happen with leading female and male roles. Usually authors tend to write the pair as complete opposites. Here it worked for them to have similar characteristics. I really enjoyed following their relationship because I knew that Lycanthropy connected them. One of my favorite parts was when they are sharing their “bite” marks. Livi’s is on the inside of her thigh and Gray’s reaction to this tidbit of knowledge is priceless!

***Thank you to the publishers and Netgalley for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review***

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