Monday, October 20, 2014

Book Review: The Brickmaker's Bride

The Brickmaker's Bride (Refined by Love, #1)Author: Judith McCoy Miller
Publication Date: October 7, 2014
Publisher: Bethany House Publishers
Series: Refined by Love # 1

Yearning for a fresh start, Ewan McKay travels with his aunt and uncle from northern Scotland to West Virginia, promising to trade his skills in the clay business for financial assistance from his uncle Hugh. Hugh purchases a brickmaking operation from a Civil War widow and her daughter, but it's Ewan who gets the business up and running again. Ewan seeks help from Laura, the former owner's daughter, and he feels a connection with her, but she's being courted by another man--a lawyer with far more social clout and money than Ewan. Besides, Ewan has resolved he'll focus on making the brickmaking operation enough of a success that he can become a partner in the business
and be able to afford to bring his sisters over from Scotland.

But when Hugh signs a bad business deal, all Ewan's hard work may come to naught. As his plans begin to crumble, Laura reveals something surprising. She and her mother may have a way to save the brickworks, and in turn Ewan may have another shot at winning Laura's heart.

Winston patted her gloved hand. “You have more strength in that small hand than I would have ever imagined. Don’t falter now.”

Her father hadn’t returned from the war. Still, the Tygart River continued to flow, and the seasons still changed without fail. Fall had arrived and the ancient trees that surrounded the Tygart River Valley were already bursting with color.

This novel is set in the Reconstruction Era after the Civil War. When I think back to other books I have read set in this time, I cannot count very many so this was a nice change of setting. Laura, our main character, and her mother decide to sell Laura’s father’s brickyard after he is killed in the war. Enter our main male lead, Ewan, who has moved to America with his aunt and uncle from Ireland. Yes, I read this book pretending that I could hear his Irish accent. Ewan and Laura do not get off to a great start, making readers understand the importance of looking beyond first impressions. Laura comes off a little abrasive at first, but I am glad to say that Ewan stuck around to see all of her good characteristics as well.

The setting of this book really allowed the story to come together for me. The economy is still struggling and trying to rebuild itself after the war. Ewan and Laura come together with help, love, and support from their families. It was nice to read a story that could serve as being very relatable for couples even today. People struggle to make ends meet each and every day, and reading and following this interesting young couple added a bright spot to my day. They face things that we all face within our relationships and marriages and that is what truly makes this story so great!

***A free copy of this book was provided to me by the publishers at Bethany House and the generous ladies at Litfuse in exchange for my honest review***

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